About CSPR

Because of the Homestead Acts, hundreds of families on the Western Slope own minerals along with the surface estate. In Routt County, these families, largely farming and ranching families, are a community of stewards. You could call them the original environmentalists. They understand that the surface of our land and the communities surrounding our farms and ranches are just as valuable as the minerals owned beneath the land.

They also understand that oil and natural gas has, and can continue to be, developed within the existing laws, rules and regulations of Colorado…and done in a way that protects our air and water.

That is why Citizens Supporting Property Rights (CSPR) was formed – to advocate for the responsible development of our mineral rights.

CSPR’s Core Tenets:

  • Mineral owners have a right to responsibly develop minerals owned beneath their property.
  • Mineral rights are property rights.
  • The mineral estate is the dominant estate; the mineral owner’s estate would be worthless without the right to reach the minerals!
  • Oil and gas development will have far reaching economic benefit.
  • CSPR sees the oil and gas industry as our business partners, not friends, not enemies.
  • Like any other business relationship, CSPR believes they deserve fairness, respect and clarity, while holding them to the highest economically viable standards.

Private mineral rights are a major catalyst for the American energy revolution that is changing the world for the better. This revolution is possible because of the right to access and develop minerals guaranteed by our constitution. Citizens Supporting Property Rights is an organization of impassioned, thoughtful, and dedicated mineral owners, property owners and citizens who will proactively and vehemently protect these mineral rights.
The United States of America is the only country in the world where mineral ownership is allowed by private citizens. For this reason our organization believes mineral property rights are of paramount importance to our community, state and republic. Responsible development, or monetization, of our minerals is for the betterment of our families, community and our small part in advancing America’s energy revolution.